Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Five

One. I am getting so impatient for the Gilmore Girls: Seasons revival. I'm assuming it's going to come out sometime this year, and I keep debating having a viewing party when it comes on. I think I probably won't though since I want to be free to cry alone in my living room, because embarrassingly enough I know I will. I mean, I cried when it was first announced and teared up last night when I heard they FINALLY got Melissa McCarthy locked in to play Sookie, so obviously I will be an emotional wreck since I already am one.

Two. I may or may not be paying my younger sister to clean my bathrooms this weekend. Brian is currently away at the Frozen Four (college hockey finals) in Tampa. I hate when he is away, I don't enjoy being here all alone, and I also don't enjoy cleaning bathrooms, especially with bum ankles/feet, so I don't feel guilty paying my sister to do it!

Three. I am excited that it's supposed to snow all day tomorrow. Long live winter!

Four. I have developed an obsession with LulaRoe leggings. About two weeks ago at physical therapy, I saw this woman wearing really cute leggings and so naturally I asked her where she got them. She explained she had gone to a LulaRoe party and told me how soft they were, so I went home and found some LulaRoe seller groups on Facebook (they are sold like how Scentsy or Mary Kay are, through an independent consultant). I already bought two pairs of leggings and I just ordered a maxi skirt and a shirt. Some of the patterns are way too funky for me, but they are all so cute and comfortable! Now I need to hide my wallet though before I go broke.

Five. Miracles are real! Our family friends' daughter's dog ran away from her dog walker almost two weeks ago, and they did everything they could to find the dog, like Dogs Finding Dogs (I might have the name of the group wrong but you get the point), flyers, posts in Facebook groups, calls to all area shelters and vets, searching everywhere, and putting out food, toys, beds, etc. Well, early Thursday morning at 4:30am the dog randomly came home and was barking at her front door! After 12 days! I never met the dog and I haven't seen the girl in years, but I am always terrified of losing my dogs, so I was so happy to hear some good news!

Have a great weekend guys!
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  1. haha I would totally pay someone to clean bathrooms as well. No shame. Also Im so happy for your friend and the dog. That is truly amazing!

  2. I want to pay your sister to clean my bathrooms too!

    Yayy for happy endings to lost dog stories!

  3. I can't wait for more Gilmore Girls! Ugh, I hate that they announce things sooo long before they actually happen. Just keep it under wraps until like a week before so I don't explode from anticipation. Hahaha.

    Ahhh so happy to hear about the dog! Reunion stories like that always make me happy.

  4. Awwww so glad that your friend's dog came home. I am always worried about losing mine too!!! I know Gracie wouldn't venture far away from me but Mac would! Can your sister come clean my bathroom too? Ugh!!!! I have never heard of LulaRoe, interesting. I am weird about buying clothes without trying things on.

  5. So did you hear that the cast keeps referring to GG as "movies" so there is speculation that they won't all be released at once? I'm kind of into that, honestly, because finding six hours just to sit and watch without fear of being spoiled could be hard. I am kind of over Melissa McCarthy as an actress so I think that's why I feel so ho hum without her return, but she was such a big part of Lorelai's life that obviously we need to know what she's been up to.

    When I was in high school, our family cat ran away and was gone for three weeks. One night, my parents were two houses down in a neighbor's driveway/front yard, and our cat appeared in the driveway. It was so unexpected. I still wonder what all she saw.

  6. I can't wait until Gilmore Girls either! I hope it comes out SOON! :)

    That story of your friend's dog is amazing! I love stories like that.

  7. That's the best news about your friend's dog! It always breaks my heart when that happens, which is why we always try to catch strays running through our neighborhood. I'm so excited that Sookie will be back! It wouldn't be Gilmore Girls without her! And I would totally pay my sister to clean our bathrooms too, if I thought that she'd actually do it lol! Have a great weekend!

  8. There are moments when I wish I wasn't an only child!! I wish I had a sister to clean my bathrooms!! Wow just wow about your friend's dog!!! Wow, that's luck!! =P

    I can't wait for Gilmore Girls!!!! =)

  9. Long live winter?!!? Girl, we cannot be friends! ;) jk jk...but really, I'm excited for sunshine and spring!!!! Confession? I've never seen Gilmore Girls.


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