Thursday, October 8, 2015


I don't even care that I'm posting this at a weird time. Oh and I guess I'm like a once a week blog poster now, my bad. You know it's bad when your mom texts you Sunday night and says "You had all day to write a post and you didn't, why not?"

I am so frustrated at Reeds Jewelers I could scream my head off. I've already cried enough for a month and I basically have no tears left so screaming it is. I can't even get back into it right now because I finally calmed down about it but it's basically this- I haven't had my engagement ring for over 3 weeks and there was a chance I wouldn't get it back in time for the wedding in NINE DAYS but the regional manager assured me it will be back in time so fingers crossed please.

Speaking of the wedding, do NOT even mess with me right now. I cry at the drop of a hat. I don't need people's crap! Got it?! Grrrrr

I know people always say some variation of "oh the wedding is just a day, your marriage is forever" and I agree with that sentiment, but that does NOT mean the wedding is not important. It IS the first day of your marriage and it IS probably the only time in your life that all of these people will travel from all over the place (we have 98 guests traveling from 13 different states, and only 15 of those guests are from our state, Pennsylvania!) to come together for just you. How many other times in your life do you get a day all about you? I mean yea, your birthday, but really, do 98 people come to your birthday? Because they certainly don't for mine. I just don't like when people brush off my concerns about my wedding day by saying "it's only one day" because NO, and I want it to be nice, geez!

Our couch got cleaned today because our dogs have been nasty and we have like 30 people coming over before the wedding next Thursday and I wanted it to look nice. Now I can't let any of the dogs on the couch until after the wedding, which isn't so hard for the dachshunds because I just take their ramp away but it's going to be a pain with Oatmeal. Also I feel so guilty not letting them up and I just want to snuggle them! I'm wavering but I can't give in!!

My little brother is being an "evil gnome" for Halloween and man that costume is freaky!! I love gnomes but that one is scary!

Are you dressing up for Halloween; if so, as what? I'm off to watch Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder (though I've said it before and I'll say it again- I love that show but in case you are wondering, that is absolutely not what law school is like AT ALL.. just sayin').
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  1. We did a courthouse wedding with two other people there, and I was still so nervous leading up to it. I don't know if I could handle a full-fledged wedding!

  2. ugh, i am sorry about the ring girl, i hope you are able to get it back in time.
    yes, people do say that and it is 100% true. however, what you said is true as well! just because it's not the most important day of your life doesn't mean it's not important. i hope all goes well. i was crazy stressed before our wedding and everything went well, actually a few things went wrong but i don't even remember what they were now.

  3. I feel like people say that to make you feel bad. Who cares if it is one day, planning anything can be stressful and planning something with so many people is bound to make ANYONE stress. My boyfriend and I are going to be Dexter & his victim for Halloween :)

  4. We had an issue with getting our wedding rings back in time for our wedding day but it all worked out. Have faith and threaten when necessary! I love How to Get Away with Murder! We just binged it all this past weekend and are caught up with the current episode.

  5. TOTALLY agree with you - while the wedding is just one day and your marriage is forever DOES not mean your wedding isn't important or meant to be special! You get ONE DAY to celebrate you & your spouses marriage... ONE. For your entire history and future combined. ONE. DAY. That's a lot of shit to fit into one day of celebration!!! :)

  6. Totally agree with you on the "only one day" thing. Yeah, it's true to an extent... but like you said, it's an IMPORTANT day!

  7. I LOVE the evil gnome costume it's the best!


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