Thursday, May 5, 2016

Pet Peeves

On Tuesday I talked about all the things I'm loving lately, and so today I thought it was only right to talk about all the things I'm not loving, aka my pet peeves. Plus, I wanted to rant a little so it's only appropriate.

People who whip out in front of you while you're driving and then proceed to go like 5 mph. You were so quick to pull out there, but then you go all slow? Not cool, people, not cool. Also, texting and driving, that's really not cool.

People who brag about how perfect their lives and diet are and how they never even have to take an Advil. Well la-di-da for you, must be nice to feel great everyday and not need medicine. These jerks put people down who need medicine for their health issues and act like maybe if they had a better lifestyle or used essential oils exclusively or whatever, they wouldn't have those problems. Not everyone can live in that fantasy land.

People who think their jobs are so much more important than everyone else's and share memes all the time about how much more noble their profession is than others. I get that some jobs are much more risky than others, and those are not the jobs I'm talking about (partially because those people aren't bragging about how noble they are), I'm talking about the people who act like their job makes the entire world go 'round, when in reality, every single job is important, from the doctors and nurses in the hospital to the custodian who keeps it clean and the social workers to help people to the lawyers who defend (or in the event of a terrible mistake, bring) the malpractice suits or put the criminals in jail, to the cashier at the grocery store to the stock people in the back, to the engineers who help with lights and bridges, to the police who keep the roads safe, to the construction workers..... etc. you get the picture, every single job is necessary to keep society running the way we are accustomed. #endrant #youiskind #youissmart #youisimportant

People who constantly put down lawyers. These people are often the same ones from above, but who ya gunna call if you need to probate a family member's estate or you're wrongly accused of a crime or someone injures you badly in a car accident, or need to buy a house, among a million other reasons? Lawyers get a disproportionate amount of flak from society and it's completely unwarranted.

People who never, ever respond to blog comments. Rude. (ahh I love Bon Qui Qui by the way)

People who give up their pets when they have a baby. C'mon, you know it's so, so wrong. Don't get a pet if you don't see it as a family member.

People who think they have angel kids but in reality they are just plain bad. I know that every parent thinks they have the cutest, best kids, but those terrible, awful kids at the store who are knocking down displays on purpose and hitting people and mommy smiles and just thinks it's so cute? It's not cute. It's also not cute when people think their evil teens are perfect.

People who are constantly claiming on Facebook that they are going to unfriend such and such group of people because of their political choices. Oh stop, it's not a one party system and people are entitled to their opinions and if you want to unfriend someone, just do it and stop announcing it, no one cares.

People who take an event and make it all about themselves. You know these people: "why is your *insert-event-here* outside, it may be cold, hot, windy, rainy, etc." or the ones who raise a huge stink because their kids aren't invited to your wedding. Everything isn't about you.

Okay so looking back at it, all of these pet peeves are actually people who get on my nerves, or "people peeves" as you will, haha. What people peeves do you have?

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  1. People with bad kids are the worst, the problem is no discipline. People tell me sometimes I'm hard on K, yeah well K isn't a jerk like some other kids. My job is to be hard on her and make her a good person not so smile and tell her everything she does is cute.

  2. i never let any ahole drivers in front of me. i know that's a dick move but they're just going to be an ahole driver in front of me and ain't nobody got time for that.

  3. Ugh I hate it when people don't respond to blog comments! I totally understand that sometimes it might take you a while, but it shouldn't take months! And I can't stand it when people don't treat pets like a part of the family. You're making a commitment to them to have them for their whole lives. A baby shouldn't change that!

  4. I agree w/ basically all of these. I can't STAND bad/slow drivers. I really need to calm down though, they make me so mad - lol! I also can't stand people in my office who think they OWN everyone/everything. Get over yourself ;)

  5. UH ALL OF THESE. I actually wrote a pet peeves post a while back and I'm currently drafting another to post soon! And then I agree with all of these so apparently a lot of things annoy me!!! Hahaha. That last one...PREACH. I invited a cousin of mine (she's much older than me and has two kids--one my age, one in middle school) and I only gave her ONE, because her mom aka my aunt was invited too. She sent back the damn RSVP card with TWO out of ONE and included her son's name. Seriously?

  6. Yes yes yes to every last one of these!!! Bad drivers are the worst and I cuss at them daily. People who have bad kids and think they are cute or its funny get on my last damn nerve. Stop raising a little jerk there are enough of those in the world. And so what if your wedding is outside and sonmeones kid isn't invited it isn't your day!!! And I can go on and on and on but I need to stop the rant now!

  7. BAHAHA YES TO ALL OF THESE!! Although I don't drive, but people do the same things when walking and I really just want to cut them! Hehehe

  8. Where's the monkey covering its face emoji because I am a pretty awful blog comment responder at times, oops... but at least there's a thing above my comment window that warns you! People who make events all about themselves are awful. It especially happens at weddings. Those people need to stop.

  9. OMG all of these. ALL OF THESE. :) I have a problem with people being late. I'm a planner (by nature and work) and it just drives me crazy! Unless you tell me ahead of time, of course. It happens all the time in my office and it's a TINY office - why can't we all make it down the 5 stairs on time??

  10. Dude almost ran me over today while I was on the side of the road trying to put a giant box in my car, so I am way too familiar with bad drivers today. Oh I hope I would never have to give up my pets when baby comes! Unless my cats were obviously attacking it or something, that would be terrible. My coworker had her three year old at work the other day and her daughter was constantly interrupting her and she would respond. I was thinking it was rude inwardly, but I've never raised a kid, so who knows.

  11. this is hysterical and I can totally relate with every single one... mostly the last one though. I wish I could tell a couple people that in fact, everything is not about you. the thing is, they probably wouldn't get it :)
    xx, lauren


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